banzai river

I like lists

  1. we had a nice Thanksgiving dinner
  2. and cake!
  3. I made peoples watch some episodes of SG1 with me after dinner
  4. Earth 2 marathon is still on
  5. all my laundry is done and there are clean sheets on my bed
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Glee of a rainy day

Glee!!! It is raining. Nice, soaking rain outside while I am currently sitting comfortably on my couch, with the fire starting, and contemplating a nap.
More GLEE!!!!!
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banzai river

omg gleee!

OMG my book of my grandmother's memoirs has arrived! The cover's all wacky but that's easy enough to fix and also nobody cares and omg yay! Also I have got my copy of the wee poetry-by-my-grandfather book. So pretty. OMG so happy.
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banzai river

itemized gleee

Because you know lists give me joy.
  1. yay for our new community of gleee!

  2. I got to see Serenity last night, hurray!

  3. when I got home from the movie, the episode of X-Files was on TV what has my name on it, and that always fills me with gleee. X-Files! Yay!